Savvy Snacking

I would definitely describe myself as a ‘snacker’, I love them. Whether I’m on the go, at uni or just watching TV, I love to snack.

At this point in the term especially, I need snacks to get me through my never ending uni work. I find having snacks on hand helps me concentrate and focus on what I’m doing. As an experienced snacker, I understand that having the same thing all the time can become boring and just make you feel more hungry. So I’ve put together a list of my favourite things to snack on which are healthy and tasty to help satisfy your hunger, hope it helps!

  • Hummus

Hummus is one of my go to favourite snacks. It goes with so many different foods and is full of healthy fats that our bodies needs. I love to dip cucumber or carrot sticks into hummus as it’s easy and quick to prepare. This snack is also a winner as it’s a tasty way to get 1 of your 5 a day.  Other things you can put with hummus include; celery sticks, wholemeal pitta bread, crackers, peppers, tomatoes, bread sticks, rice cakes.. the list is endless.

  • Rice cakes

Rice cakes are also up there with the best as they are also so versatile. You can get lots of different types of rice cakes from the supermarket, ranging from plain to salt and vinegar to barbecue. My favourites are the salt and vinegar ones, but remember to not over indulge on the flavoured ones as often they contain lots of salt or sugar.

Don’t under-estimate the plain rice cakes! They are a great base for different foods like peanut butter, banana or hummus. I am unfortunately one of the very few people who doesn’t like peanut butter, but many people do and it’s a perfect snack to have peanut butter on a rice cake!

  • Fruit

Fruit is the obvious snack, I often enjoy fruit when I am craving something sweet. Again, by having fruit as a snack it will satisfy your hunger and add to your 5 a day, perfect! If you fancy something a bit bigger maybe try adding natural yoghurt to your fruit. My favourite combinations include; strawberries and yoghurt or grapes and yoghurt. I find the fruit brings the flavour to the yoghurt with all natural sugars.

Dried fruit is also a great snack for when you’re on the go. Dried apricots are perfect to pop a packet in your bag when you leave the house. They’re also good to nibble on when you crave a sugary snack!

  • Cereal bars

Cereal bars are great but can contain lots of sneaky added sugar. However everything in moderation, they’re perfect for a busy day when you need something to grab and go. My go to cereal bar is any flavour ‘naked’ bars, they’re so tasty and made out of all natural ingredients. The downside being they are on the pricey side so I rarely get them (unless I’m at home and dads paying)!

  • Popcorn

Finally popcorn, I personally love it! Popcorn is a great light snack instead of reaching for a bag of crisps. I buy them in multi-packs, so I can pop it into my bag when I’m on the go. They come in so many different flavours, but again don’t go over board on the sugary flavours!

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