New Beginnings

Every year I set myself a new years resolution, in 2017 I wanted to read at least 1 book a month; I managed to read 15 by December. I also wanted to start my own blog but I never plucked up the courage to do it. In 2018 I wanted a bigger challenge, I decided I would try turning vegetarian.

I have pondered the thought of becoming vegetarian for a long time. As a child I grew up surrounded by fields and animals, in fact when I was younger I wanted to be a farmer. At home I always ate meat, it wasn’t until I came to university that I started to question why I ate it, and if I would ever be able to give it up. As lent approached I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to explore new beginnings and give myself a trial run at being veggie!

As a student studying nutrition at university I want to do it properly, make sure I am eating enough of the right things. The perfect way to do this is too document my journey with this blog (a year late!) and my newly set up Instagram account (khs_nutrition). I will be trying out new recipes each week and combining my nutrition knowledge and love of food to (hopefully), help others feel happier through food!

(P.S thanks for reading my first ever blog!)


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